Laser marking


  • An RV-3SB grips a shaft of a fine writing instrument that is to be engraved and holds it in a laser. The finished engraved writing instrument is then placed back into the pallet.
  • The intelligent WT system (Servus) transfers a total of 36 process parameters to the robot, which can be freely edited by the customer depending on the type of writing instrument.
  • The robot controller takes over the central management of the system (control of the pneumatics via digital IO's and control of the Trumpf laser via TCP/IP (TLV commands))
  • An E1101 E-Terminal forms the interface to the machine operator, whereby the entire intelligence of the terminal is integrated into the robot controller. 
  • As the parts have a relatively long cycle time (approx. 3 min., depending on the type), the system was designed in such a way that active intervention by the machine operator is only very rarely necessary and the system can produce independently overnight.




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