Flexible module assembly


  • The robot, a Mitsubishi RV-12SL, is equipped with a 4-fold gripper (star-shaped). The individual grippers are flexibly equipped with components (cover, front board, CPU or module) depending on the travel job and then assembled.
  • The modules are mounted by plugging them onto a top-hat rail, whereby the individual modules must be interlocked by the robot. The exact distance from one mounted module to the next is always determined by a measuring axis and the corresponding offset is transmitted to the robot.

Special Features

  • The size of the possible, different combinations for the traverse paths when loading the grippers is approx. 500000.
  • automatic basic position movement of the robot from any situation
  • The first component is mounted on a top-hat rail using a taught position. All subsequent components are mounted on the basis of measured values which are determined between the individual mounting steps.
  • Communication to a higher-level control system (IPC) via the standard interface RS232.
Flexible Modulmontage



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