Assembly of circuit boards in a housing


  • Assembly of boards (pressing on a still liquid adhesive) into a housing with robot Mitsubishi, RV-12SL.
  • Boards of different types are recognized and gripped on a feed belt with the help of a camera (Cognex) in the correct position. Depending on the type, various processing steps follow and finally the assembly of the gripped board, which is also completely camera-guided.
  • Processing period for the project: November 2004 - December 2004, including project planning and subsequent operator training for the end customer lasting several days.
Kamerageführtes Fügen von Platinen

Special Features

  • Almost all process-relevant movements of the robot are 100% camera-guided.
  • The communication between robot and camera is done via TCP/IP
  • Depending on the type, a smaller board (pressure sensor) is required in addition to the main board. This is supplied to the system in pallets of 60 pcs. The robot program has a "scan mode" with the help of which it scans the pallet for a pressure sensor, detects it in the correct position and then grips it.
  • Due to the different types, the robot requires different grippers. The robot is equipped with a gripper change system which enables it to get the right tool for the current type fully automatically.
  • The robot has an automatic basic position movement from any situation.
  • Type and tool variety
  • complex error management
  • Communication to the higher-level control system (PLC) via digital I/O's.



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