The new MPS PA Compact Workstation

We improved the Compact Workstation

EDS Water Management Pump Station

Für Ausbildungszwecke der Instandhaltung, Arbeitssicherheit, Energieeffizienz bei der
Wassertechnologie und Prozessautomatisierung

EduKit PA goes IoT(Internet of Things)
The inexpensive introduction to process and control technology.
MPS TS Compact Trainer I4.0

Industry 4.0 – working with a intelligent workpiece

MPS Transfer line for Festo Didactic

The MPS transfer line has been developed for everyone who wants to make headway


Didactic - Hardware

EduKit PA für Festo Didactic

EduKit PA for Festo Didactic

The new project kits for process and control technology.

MPS® PA Compact Workstation für Festo Didactic

MPS PA Compact Workstation for Festo Didactic

Compact Workstation with level, flow rate, pressure and temperature closed-loop control systems

MPS® PA 204 Komplettsystem für Festo Didactic

MPS PA 204 Complete system for Festo Didactic

Training system for process technology using the filtration, mixing, reactor and bottling stations.

MPS PA Stationen

MPS PA Stations for Festo Didactic

A large variation of different MPS® PA Stations.

EDS® Water Management für Festo Didactic

EDS Water Management

EDS Water Management is a modular training system which represents the core processes of a water and wastewater treatment.

EDS® Water Management Pump Station

EDS Water Management Pump Station

For educational purpose of maintenance,
work safety, energy efficiency in water technology and process automation.

Lernsystem Schüttgut

AFB stations, bulk goods

A wide range of processes are used in production systems for handling bulk goods.



„Without networking no IoT" -> Starting on a small scale! Because of the seamless networking, interdisciplinary insight is more important for the business processes than ever.


Activated Carbon Filter Kit

Learning Projct: Adsorption of tracers

DC-Wattmeter zum Energiemonitoring

DC-Wattmeter for energy monitoring

The first step towards discovering potential savings involves measurement of power consumption

AirCS® EduTrainer® für Festo Didactic (Energieeffizienz)

AirCS® EduTrainer®

Educational project - compressed air efficiency with AirCS (Air Control System)

AirCS® Efficiency Compressor Station für Festo Didactic

AirCS® Efficiency Compressor for Festo Didactic

The AirCS® Efficiency Compressor system represents a learningsystem for the industrial compressed air generation, preparation and storage with heat recovery.

Lern- und Miniplantsystem moBAS-Lab®

Learning- and Miniplantsystem moBAS-Lab®

moBAS-Lab® is a modular and compact miniplant for teaching and research in the field of biotechnological analysing and production processes.

MPS® Transfersystem für Festo Didactic

MPS TS Compact Trainer I4.0

MPS® Transfersystem für Festo Didactic

MPS Transfer line for Festo Didactic

The MPS transfer line has been developed for everyone who wants to make headway with training, be it for the electrical or metal trades or for training technicians and engineers in mechatronics.



CP Factory illustrates the practical implementation of digital production. 

VT-Modell für Festo Didactic

VT-Model for Festo Didactic

VT-Modell Reaktor kombiniert Steuerungsfunktionen zu einem Lernmodell mit Sensoren und Aktuatoren:

Kundenspezifische Lösungen

Customized Solutions

We have the solution for your special problem!



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