CP Factory – the Cyber-Physical Factory

CP Factory illustrates the practical implementation of digital production. This comprehensive, modular and expandable factory model for Industry 4.0 can be used to model many parts of the value chain. CP Factory integrates all the relevant technologies from mechatronics and automation.

What does CP mean?
Cyber-physical systems permit the intelligent networking of people, products and production resources. Communication networks and physical systems thus merge into a single entity – an important characteristic for Industry 4.0 and also found in CP Factory.

Training content stored in the application module
The learning system is based around flexibly combinable modular stations, which are then used to realise different application modules. These determine the training content provided by the stations. Thanks to the use of standard interfaces, application modules can be interchanged in just a few minutes. This permits fast conversion for different training situations and content.

Adiro fabricates the application modules in cooperation with Festo Didactic. 

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