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There is a global market behind the term "bulk goods". Bulk goods can be found in almost every production process as raw, intermediate or finished products. Whether building materials such as sand, gravel and cement or foodstuffs such as grain and sugar - bulk goods have to be stored, dosed, weighed, transported or packaged.

The handling of bulk goods in particular requires special expertise. The exclusive use of typical industrial components in the learning stations emphasises the necessary practical relevance and ensures the rapid transfer of knowledge from training to practice.

With the bulk solids learning system project, Adiro is breaking new ground in industrial training. In co-operation with AZO, a leading company in the field of bulk solids technology, a modular system has been developed. It consists of five stations that visualise typical processes and procedures in the bulk solids industry without having to intervene in actual production. All the processes used in the system are also used in this way in the process industry. For example, it shows how the maize enters the system via the "incoming goods" station, how it passes through the various process engineering stations until the finished popcorn is finally filled into cups in the "outgoing goods" station.



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