MPS PA Compact Workstation for Festo Didactic

Cascade control of level and flow control sections

Cascade control is an advanced control strategy that is widely used in automation technology to effectively manage complex control tasks. This method is used in particular for the control of level and flow control systems to ensure stable and precise processes. The MPS-PA Compact Workstation from Festo Didactic offers a practical and didactically valuable platform for teaching these techniques. It makes it possible to understand and apply the interaction of primary and secondary control loops. By using cascade control, faults can be compensated for more quickly and a higher control quality can be achieved, which is particularly important in industrial applications. The MPS-PA Compact Workstation is an ideal learning environment for deepening the theoretical principles in practical experiments and promoting an understanding of complex control systems.


Design and possible applications
The sensors and actuators are designed to support both continuous (e.g. P, I, PI, PID) and discontinuous controllers (e.g. 2-point controller). The pump can be directly controlled or speed-controlled.

In the flow and pressure control sections, the control variable of the controller can also act on a proportional directional control valve. A ball valve with pneumatic process drive is installed in the return line between the elevated tank and the lower storage tank. This can be used to simulate a "consumer" for feedforward control in the level control system or as a shut-off valve for safety shut-off.

3 design variants available



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