FluidLab-PA process

Simple application of complex relationships.

FluidLab-PA process is the amazing software that controls numerous stations, including EduKit PA, MPS PA Compact Workstation, MPS PA 204 and EDS water management stations!
As of version 3.0.0, an extended and updated control interface is available for simulation with the Festo EzOPC, which offers exciting new possibilities for software use without hardware!


Various Applications, One Interface
Whether the system is real or simulated, you can seamlessly switch between the two with a simple toggle. Whether you are controlling the system directly using the switching elements or programming independent sequences via the Festo Didactic EzOPC interface, both are easily implemented through intuitive menu navigation.

Operating Concept
A consistent and unified operating concept applies to all systems, whether you’re managing the EduKit PA, the MPS PA Compact Workstation, MPS PA 204 Mixing, or, for instance, EDS Water Management Sand Filtration. The system diagram facilitates the selection between the simulated and real systems, addressed through the EasyPort. The inclusion of real components in the system diagram provides a quick reference to the actual system.

Switching states
The switching states are not only depicted in the system diagram but are also displayed and recorded in curve diagrams.

To create your own PLC program or describe Grafcet sequences, the EzOPC interface enables control over both simulations and the real system using FluidSIM, CoDeSys simulation mode, and PLCSIM Advanced software.

Supplementary Topics

  • Filling process with the IoT kit extension package
  • Direct storage of simple and fixed programmed processes directly from the software. 
  • Integration of hidden errors in signal states.

Realized Systems:
EduKit PA, MPS PA Compact Workstation, MPS PA 204 with mixing and filtering; EDS Water Management System (water supply, sand filtration, membrane filtration). Additional stations will be introduced through updates/upgrades and can be accessed on the Internet.


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