ROS - Robot Operating System

ROS Driver development: Your components in the ROS world

  • Our drivers ensure seamless integration of your hardware components into the ROS ecosystem.
  • Sensor integration: We develop drivers that ensure smooth communication between your sensors (e.g. cameras, LIDAR, IMUs) and ROS.
  • Robot integration: Our drivers enable you to control your robot with ROS.

Application development with ROS

  • Development of complete ROS applications: Based on our solid drivers, we develop customised ROS applications that meet your specific requirements.

How we achieve this:

  • Individualised ROS nodes: We create and configure ROS nodes that perform specific functions in your robot system, from navigation to object manipulation.
  • URDF (Unified Robot Description Format): A precise description of your robot is essential for it to function optimally. With URDF, we create detailed models that accurately depict all aspects of your robot - from its kinematics to its physical properties. This ensures that your robot applications run smoothly and efficiently.
  • RVIZ: To visualise your robot environment and data, we use RVIZ. This powerful tool visualises complex robot movements, sensor data and environment maps and helps to analyse them.
  • Gazebo: We use Gazebo for the realistic simulation of robot applications. This simulation environment enables us to test and optimise your robots in virtual scenarios before they are used in the real world. This saves you time and money during development and implementation.
  • MoveIt!: MoveIt! is an advanced software framework for motion planning and control of robots. We integrate MoveIt! into your applications to efficiently plan and execute complex motion sequences and manipulations.


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