AirCS® EduTrainer® for Festo Didactic

AirCS® EduTrainer® für Festo Didactic (Energieeffizienz)Before compressed air can be used it must be generated, purified and distributed up to the respective application. Compressed air is a valuable form of energy. Nevertheless, too little is often done in order to lay out the overall system efficiently. Consumption is rarely measured or monitored. The cost situation is usually unclear.

This is where the Air Control System AirCS® comes in. The important aspects of making compressed air available and distributing it are examined within the framework of the AirCS® training project with regard to energy efficiency.

The AirCS® EduTrainer® serves as a basis to this end. It’s incorporated between compressed air generation (compressor) and the process. In combination with FluidLab®-AirCS® software, integrated measuring technology allows for innovative condition monitoring for the measurement of compressed air and energy consumption.



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