Seminar - Fundamentals of control engineering

Basics of control engineeringThe knowledge of controller types and controls is one thing. In practice, however, it is also a matter of skill, i.e. the application of knowledge. In the best case, both are taught in parallel - theoretical knowledge acquisition and its immediate application and testing at an appropriate training facility. In addition this seminar offers opportunity. The behaviour of different controller types is tested and independently integrated into the corresponding control systems by the participants.
Necessary control parameters are set and the results measured. Thus the participants receive a direct feedback to the acquired theoretical knowledge and can deepen it.

- Standards and flow diagrams
- Measurement conversion of physical measurands
- Commissioning of a pilot plant with PC and learning software
- Recording, analysis and evaluation of classical controlled systems Level, flow rate, pressure and temperature
- Basics of control engineering, P-, I-, PI- and PID-controllers
- Terms and symbols in control engineering
- Setting the control parameters for different controlled systems
- Selection and application of optimization methods
Competence goals
After this seminar, the participants will know the basic structure, functionality and use of process plants. They will be able to handle, set and maintain them, identify control loops and select suitable controllers. For this purpose, they know the corresponding controller types and the setting of control parameters and can apply various optimization methods of practical control engineering.

3 days



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