WorldSkills - "Water Technology" - Skill 55

Water supply engineering technicians and wastewater engineering technicians are both representing the new Water Technology Skill. Water Supply for households, industry and agriculture is needed. After this use the wastewater has to be given back to the nature in a clean way, too. Sludge treatment and rainwater management is also duties of this technician. 

Water for life - be a Water Technician - serve for people and protect the environment!

Water Supply Engineering Technicians work in municipal and industrial water supply companies. They carry out their work independently on the basis of technical documents and rules as well as on legal bases. Water Supply Technicians procure information, plan and coordinate their work. They document their services and take measures to ensure quality assurance, safety, health and environmental protection at work.

Whether working with water support or waste water treatment, the role of the Water Technician is to observe, identify, protocol, report, maintain, control and repair equipment and processes throughout the plant and the networks. For this purpose, they must have knowledge and expertise in mechanics, chemistry, biology, electrical, automation and environmental protection. Above all, health and safety matters most.



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